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  • Passenger - Whispers

Passenger - Whispers

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Artikel Name: Whispers
Genre: Pop/Rock
Produkt Typ: CD
Label: Black Crow / Island
Titelanzahl: 11
Dauer: 41:57

Trackliste CD - 1

1. Passenger - Coins in a Fountain 3:04
2. Passenger - 27 3:20
3. Passenger - Heart's on Fire 4:13
4. Passenger - Bullets 3:24
5. Passenger - Golden Leaves 4:07
6. Passenger - Thunder 2:25
7. Passenger - Rolling Stone 3:22
8. Passenger - Start a Fire 4:21
9. Passenger - Whispers 4:02
10. Passenger - Riding to New York 5:02
11. Passenger - Scare Away the Dark 4:37


Beschreibung British singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg, otherwise known as Passenger, continues exploring the broader sonic palette he developed on 2012's All the Little Lights with his sixth studio album, 2014's Whispers. As he did last time, Rosenberg once again teamed up with All the Little Lights producer Chris Vallejo. Together, they deliver a batch of evocative acoustic folk and indie pop songs that are often expanded with orchestral flourishes. That said, Rosenberg's main instrument of choice here is still the acoustic guitar, and all the songs on Whispers retain the Brighton-based artist's core intimacy. Influenced by both traditional British folk and more modern singer/songwriters, Rosenberg's work here falls somewhere between the earnest classicism of Mumford & Sons and the contemporary pop of Ed Sheeran. Vocally, he has a distinctively poignant chirp of a voice that sounds something akin to an elf who stayed up all night smoking, drinking, and sharing stories with friends. Which isn't to say he sounds wizened, just world-weary and steeped in a kind of twee ennui. Whether he's singing about growing older ("27") or delving into a poetic allegory about loneliness ("Bullets"), Rosenberg has a knack for intimate revelations that still read as universal. He also has a gift for melody, and cuts like the melancholy "Heart's on Fire" and the similarly hushed "Rolling Stone," with its Van Morrison-esque woodwind backgrounds, are pleasantly enjoyable songs, perfect for introspective listening on warm summer afternoons. Ultimately, with Whispers, Rosenberg has crafted an album of sweet, hummable anthems for tender-hearted troubadours everywhere. ~ Matt Collar Matt Collar


  • Artist: Passenger
  • Record Label: Island
  • Vocals (Background): Andrew Dale
  • Vocals (Background): Geraldine Hollett
  • Vocals (Background): Stu Larsen
  • Vocals (Background): Georgia Mooney
  • Record Label: Black Crow
  • Producer: Chris Vallejo
  • Producer: Mike Rosenberg
  • Engineer: Chris Vallejo
  • Mixing: Chris Vallejo
  • Engineer: Dave Rowland
  • Engineer: Gordon Davidson
  • Mastering: Bob Ludwig
  • Vocals: Mike Rosenberg
  • Guitar (Acoustic): Mike Rosenberg
  • Hand Percussion: Tony Azzopardi
  • Hand Percussion: Jess Ciampa
  • Strings: The Enigma Quartet
  • Violin: Marianne Broadfoot
  • Violin: Kerry Martin
  • Viola: Shelley Soerensen
  • Cello: Rowena Macneish
  • String Arrangements: Nicholas Buc
  • Brass: Matthew Keegan
  • Woodwind: Matthew Keegan
  • Saxophone: James Greening
  • Clarinet: James Greening
  • Trumpet: Nick Garbett
  • Trombone: Nick Garbett
  • Brass Arrangement: Matthew Keegan
  • Woodwind Arrangement: Matthew Keegan
  • Vocals (Background): The Once
  • Vocals (Background): Phil Churchill

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